Celebrating the Black Community at a Black Affinity Project Dinner
This special event was supported by the Just and Healthy Food System COI

It's been a wonderful summer, and we reflect on one of this season's most powerful community events. On June 15, 2019, members of the Just and Healthy Food Community of Interest (COI) hosted The Black Celebration at the R.I.S.E. Center, an event for community members as part of the Black Affinity Project.

This is the event's Planning Committee's purpose statement: "The Black Affinity Project is a platform that enables members from the greater Tacoma area to come together and plan opportunities for the Black community. Our goals are to empower and educate. Beyond that, celebration and uplifting each other are key priorities. We strive to create spaces where we can recognize community leadership & service, provide art and education opportunities, and share resources to build the Black community. From storytelling to highlighting local black entrepreneurs, we will continue our work in Tacoma through dinners, open mics, and other suggested ideas from community members."

The event invited community members, vendors, artists, and neighborhood leaders to join together in celebration of people making a positive impact at the community level. The group's discussion also showed the way forward to supporting the local Black community. Participants used small group discussions to explore the social and environmental conditions that can help or hinder a community and imagined some solutions together.

Here are some photos from this uplifting event:

Fantastic catering provided by Southern Kitchen

The event featured community members who were nominated by the Planning Committee for recognition of their contributions to the local community. This year's Honorees were: Brianna Jones, Kiara Daniels, Wayne Greer, Quenessa Long, Shalisa Shay, and Beverly Barker.

Music provided by DJ Aki

Looking forward to the next Black Affinity Project event!


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