The Initiative & COVID-19

Dear Friends and Community Members,

The Initiative exists above all to support our communities in the Puyallup Watershed. Our current society relies heavily on a productivity mindset that often puts our jobs above our well-being. This is a moment for us to re-evaluate that perspective. In that spirit, we think our most important task right now is to support each other to navigate these circumstances and ensure the well-being of our communities.

To promote good health and in line with Governor Inslee’s statements today, we have taken some actions that will hopefully help reduce the risk of infection:

  • Postponement of our March 26 fundraiser
  • Recommending our team work remotely for the time being
  • Supporting our team with resources and alternatives to meeting in person
  • Continuing to explore and learn about the spread of COVID-19 and what actions we can take to minimize infection for ourselves and for our community members

We have gathered here some reliable online information sources for your convenience:

Like many of you, we will continue monitoring the evolving developments around COVID-19, and we are working on ways to use our platform as an organization and as a network of community relationships to bring support to each other in this difficult time.

This situation changes hour by hour, and our recommendations are by no means comprehensive. We will continue to observe and learn so we can better support our friends and neighbors.


Puyallup Watershed Initiative


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