We See Possibilities

Long-term Commitment

The Puyallup Watershed includes 1,000 square miles, 316,000+ people, 2 Tribal nations, 17 cities and towns, pristine forests, rich agricultural lands and one of the busiest ports on the West Coast. As the region continues to grow, it must address the consequences that come with widespread development such as polluted stormwater, the loss of farmlands, forests and recreation areas, and greater social and economic inequities.

Our Mission in Action

We are working to address these issues head on. We have a wide array of public outreach and engagement programs that includes transportation, education, public health, local food, natural resources, environmental stewardship, social justice and much more. We expect these efforts will produce tangible outcomes reflected in land use decisions, improved water quality, new public works and greater public stewardship of our green and urban spaces.

To some, our far-reaching work may sound risky because there are many unknown factors. Yet those are the very reasons why we need community-centered change. We believe that the people who live and work in a place understand it better than anyone else does; and when given proper resources they will come up with the best solutions. After all, if there were simply technical solutions, then we would have solved many of our problems long ago.

Guiding Principles

We understand that broad-based solutions take time to develop and even more time to take hold. Therefore, we encourage listening, compromise and learning from each other in pursuit of shared long-term goals.

Guiding principles