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About the Active Transportation COI

The Active Transportation Community of Interest (AT COI) is a broad, inclusive partnership of many individuals and organizations interested in improving the health of the watershed’s people, environment, and economy. Active transportation promotes healthy lifestyles by allowing people to move freely throughout the watershed using their own human power.

The AT COI works collaboratively to develop and maintain a system of trails, sidewalks, bike lanes and boulevards, local and regional pathways, and public transit routes connecting all of the Puyallup River watershed’s communities, parks, schools, cultural sites, business districts, residential centers, and other important public spaces.

Education and engagement are a vital part of our mission, and we support community events like bike rides with Pierce County elected officials and programs such as the Major Taylor Project.

We strive to create a sense of community and we hope you’ll join us!



The Active Transportation COI works with a broad group of partners to improve access to safe, healthy, and affordable active transportation options. 

2nd cycle community center
alchemy skateboarding and education
city of tacoma
cascade bicycle club
coalition for active transportation
American planning association Washington chapter
foothills rails to trails coalition
downtown on the go
Pierce County
Sierra club
Greater Tacoma community foundation
Pierce transit
Tacoma Pierce county health department
Tacoma Washington bicycle club
Washington state public health association
Daffodil Valley Volksport Association
Transportation choices coalition
The Russell family foundation


The AT COI works to build relationships with local decision-makers, community organizations and residents to share information about the benefits of active transportation. 

  • Sub-Strategies: Build and leverage political and community support for active transportation

The AT COI supports the development of an interconnected active transportation network of trails, sidewalks, bike lanes and boulevards, local and regional pathways, and public transportation within each jurisdiction and to each town, city, and municipality in the watershed and county – including key destinations and regional networks. This network is well integrated with transit operations.

  • Sub-Strategy A: Support the development of a connected active transportation network
  • Sub-Strategy B: Build technical expertise and capacity
  • Sub-Strategy C: Design and implement a trail stewardship program
  • Sub-Strategy D: Support the integration of transit operations and trail infrastructure into a seamless active transportation system

The AT COI supports events and programs that educate, encourage and reduce barriers that residents face when choosing to use active modes of transportation during daily life.

  • Sub-Strategy A: Raise the profile of active transportation as a normal part of daily life and culture through events and outreach
  • Sub-Strategy B: Reduce barriers that prevent people from using active transportation
  • Sub-Strategy C: Expand participation in active transportation

The AT COI has a staff team that works together to implement the AT COI workplan, facilitate group processes, and capture and communicate AT COI successes and stories.

  • Sub-Strategy A: Establish internal AT COI structure
  • Sub-Strategy B: Maintain a staff team to support implementation of the AT COI workplan, meeting funding obligations, and facilitate group processes
  • Sub-Strategy C: Maintain a healthy and high-functioning AT COI
  • Sub-Strategy D: Utilize communication and community engagement strategies to increase visibility, reach, and impact of the AT COI


The AT COI in guided by a long-term strategic plan. This plan helps a broad range of stakeholders set priorities and allocate resources. Learn more about our approach in these foundational and guiding documents.


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