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Tahoma to Tacoma:
Connecting the Trail Network

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk, bike, or skateboard from the City of Tacoma’s Point Defiance Park all the way to Mount Rainier? What route would you take? What towns and parks could you visit along the way?

The Tahoma to Tacoma Trail Network is a regional system of attractive, low-stress active transportation connections for residents and visitors to use to access the many regional and local destinations in the Puyallup Watershed. 

Communities along the approximately 62.5-mile Main Alignment of this network will have increased access to everyday destinations, improved health, economic development opportunities, and greater enjoyment of the natural beauty in our region. Segments of the Main Alignment exist today - including the Foothills Trail and Puyallup Riverwalk Trail - but the completed corridor and the entirety of the trail network remains a concept and specific alignments have yet to be determined. 

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Tahoma to Tacome trail network

To learn more about the full potential benefits of completing the Main Alignment, as well as the Pipeline Trail connecting Downtown Tacoma to South Hill, view the full Tahoma to Tacoma report by clicking the image above. 



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