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About the Agriculture COI

Our region has been shaped by agricultural activity for centuries and many of the local communities are defined by their agricultural traditions. The AgCOI envisions a future in which healthy, safe, secure and affordable food production remains deeply linked to the local economy and the quality of life of area residents.

We have a unique opportunity to preserve and promote our shared agricultural heritage. Unlike many other parts of the country, our farmlands are nestled close to large population centers. This allows greater opportunity for local residents to not only enjoy local produce but also support local farms, which are significant contributors to our economy and guardians of the environment.



The AgCOI works with a broad group of partners to promote the preservation of farmland, the consumption of local agricultural products, and the viability of agriculture in Pierce County.

American farmland trust
Future wise
Pierce county washington state university extension
PCC farmland trust
Pierce conservation district
Tilth Alliance
Pierce county
Tacoma Pierce county health department

AgCOI Timeline of Achievements


  1. Build community and local leadership support for farmland preservation and consumption of local agricultural products.
  2. Improve and build local leadership support for infrastructure, regulations, and incentives and make agricultural businesses more viable.
  3. Foster new farmers and support existing farmers and farm workers.
  4. Build the capacity of the Ag COI, including communication, collaboration, equity, and connection.


The AgCOI in guided by a long-term strategic plan, which helps a broad range of stakeholders set priorities and allocate resources. Learn more about our approach in these foundational and guiding documents.

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