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Pierce County Fresh

Pierce County Fresh is a branding program that highlights the exceptional quality of food grown in Pierce County. The program connects consumers to local food producers by clearly identifying food produced in Pierce County with a distinct logo.

Buying local food is good for you, your community, and the environment. Local foods tend to be fresher because they travel a shorter distance from farm to table. Less transportation means lower costs; so for the consumer, local food prices also tend to cheaper. Additionally, supporting local farmers helps preserve local farmland and sustainable agricultural practices.

Even in the fertile northwest, Puyallup’s farmland stands out for its soil quality. Produce marked with the PC Fresh sticker identifies agricultural products grown using this unique resource. These items are now widely available in Pierce County’s farmers markets and food stores. The Pierce County Fresh program creates vital markets for Pierce County’s 2,400 farmers.

Pierce County Fresh empowers consumers with more information about the food they can buy. We are developing plans to increase this important public education and raise awareness of the amazing food available to Pierce County residents.

For more information about Pierce County Fresh, please contact Gwen Vernon.

Pierce County has many farmers markets featuring hundreds of area farmers and small businesses that offer healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.
Pierce County fresh
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