Sustainable Management

About the Forest COI

There’s a saying that guides our work: “The best time to plant a tree was 50 years ago; the second best time is today." For us, those are words to live by because we’re all about maintaining a healthy and diverse range of forest ecosystems throughout the watershed.

Our members work to build widespread awareness about the value of public and private forestlands for environmental, economic and community benefits.

Likewise, we conduct coordinated, focused outreach in order to drive conversation about sustainable management strategies so that our forests can contribute to our quality of life with jobs, cleaner air and water, and recreation opportunities.

Doug Coburg 


The FCOI has a broad membership that includes family landowners, nonprofit organizations, academia and government agencies.

City of Puyallup
City of Tacoma
Earth economics
Metro parks Tacoma
Northwest natural resource group
Pierce conservation district
Tahoma audubon society
Washington farm forestry association
Washington state department of natural resources
Pierce county Washington state university extension


  1. Integrate work on forest issues across the watershed
  2. Develop a community forest trust
  3. Engage small forest landowners
  4. Improve knowledge and stewardship for a healthy urban forest



Get In Touch

Our work is made more powerful with more members. If you’d like to help protect and promote forests throughout the watershed, please contact:

Lexi Brewer