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Just and Healthy Food System

Just and Healthy Food System

The Just & Healthy Food System Community of Interest (JHFS COI) is a broad, inclusive partnership of individuals, businesses, and community organizations focused on addressing issues of food justice, food sovereignty, and equity at the community level.

We believe that the current food system reinforces inequity and fails to support public health in an equitable way. Our goal is to create a just and healthy food system that works to undo institutional racism, increase equity, and promote strong communities and healthy people.

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Voices of the Just and Healthy Food System COI

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Community-based Participatory Research

We are working with several watershed neighborhoods to pinpoint and clarify key issues of food justice confronting their populations.

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Community Council

A diverse group of community representatives are working together to inform and guide the JHFS COI work plan.

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Supported Projects

JHFS COI’s membership – individuals and organizations – offers a wide range of opportunities to advance food sovereignty.

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