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Community-based Participatory Research

Community-based Participatory Research is the JHFS COI’s commitment to taking leadership direction from communities that have the experience of coping with an inequitable food system. This type of research centers the experience and knowledge of individuals by giving them the tools to gather information about their communities and the power to determine its meaning and derive actions from what is known or learned.

The research process focuses on food, health, and place. Currently, research is being done in the following areas:

  • Hilltop Neighborhood
  • South Tacoma Neighborhood
  • The City of Orting

We have convened three teams, each comprised of community members who design, conduct and analyze research in their communities. Research efforts are staggered and vary based on each community design team, and they are expected to complete their work in mid-2018.

Afterward, the shared community knowledge and input will be used to create new activities or programming, policy, or future strategy around food inequities in these communities.

Life expectancy for residents of parts of South Tacoma, Hilltop and Lower East Tacoma is between 65 and 73 years. By comparison, residents of North Tacoma and the Northern Eastside of Tacoma have a life expectancy of 84 to 94 years.
Tacoma Pierce County Health Department
Community research map
Low income and low food access measured at 1 mile and 10 miles.