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Supported Projects

The JHFS COI is a young and growing organization, but our members have deep roots in the community. Collectively, they offer a wide range of services and convenings that focus on issues of food justice, food sovereignty, and equity.

See below for information on how you can get involved. For details about how to connect, please contact

Working to Increase Equity

Undoing Institutional Racism Workshop

This workshop gives members a common language, basis of knowledge and discussion of experiences around racism. It provides a place to begin examining one's life and work for instances where we can work to undo institutional racism, and for the JHFS COI, to look at how this manifests in the food system. All members of the Community of Interest are sent to this workshop in order to participate past the first year of involvement the COI.

The Equity Team

The first and third Tuesday of every month, the JHFS COI’s Equity Team meets to review our operations and ensure that we are engaging in and increasing equitable actions throughout the watershed. The group evaluates current programs and activities. They also seek input directly from the community and would love to hear from you. For details about how to connect with the Equity Team, please contact

Work to Increase Education, Skills and Resource Building

Black Folks Food School
- by Hilltop Urban Gardens

Black Folks Food School is a part of the Black Mycelium Project, which creates healing and supportive space for Black people to build health and wellness. Black Folks Food School includes food production and cooking classes, and nutrition workshops. Its culturally specific curriculum facilitates Black People learning together while healing and building resilience from the effects of white supremacy and anti-Blackness in our food system and the interconnected systems of the United States.

Sustainable Communities Urban Sustenance High School Program
- by Permaculture Lifestyle Institute

Sustainable Communities Urban Sustenance is a project partnership between Permaculture Lifestyle Institute and Summit High School Students. The purpose is to educate and support the students in their efforts to develop food system projects in their homes or communities. Additionally, students will be given a Permaculture Design Certificate at the end of their time. This work instills students with the knowledge to make big shifts in their own backyard or neighborhood.

Growth of Local Canning Communities (Pilot Phase 2017)
- by Center For Food Preservation Arts

Local Canning Communities are groups that explore the possibilities of moving toward food sovereignty and community resilience through the traditional activity of the Canning Bee: “an activity undertaken by a group of neighbors for the benefit of all.” Each Canning Community works to become fully self-directed and self-sustaining. Together, we can build resilient food systems through shared knowledge, community and preserving fresh, healthy food. If you'd like to learn more about The Canning Communities Project please contact Hal Meng at

Youth, Adult, and Family Field trips to Farmers Markets
- A collaboration by WSU Extension, Proctor Farmers Market, and Tacoma Farmers Market

Youth, Adult & Family Field trips is a collaboration between the Proctor and Tacoma Farmers Markets and the WSU Extension. The goal is to increase attendance, awareness, and participation in the Fresh Bucks, WIC, & Senior Voucher programs at farmers markets; plus, increase knowledge & awareness of the JHFS COI & Puyallup Watershed Initiative. Families and youth will have a chance to learn how to navigate the farmers market and get to know the ins-and-outs of the services available to get fresh & healthy local food.

Work to Increase Communication, Direct Support of Communities and Support Youth

Develop a Plan for Cross Cultural and Language Barriers

The JHFS COI wants to help connect all communities and cultures to the systems and organizations that help them get the food they need, or make the changes they seek. In order to do that we need to be able to involve people with various language and learning abilities. The COI is seeking community members with ideas or abilities needed to uplift their communities. Through this work, you could advocate on behalf of your block or neighborhood. You might also help distinct ethnic groups establish connections that might not otherwise be feasible. If you have language skills that you’d like to apply for the benefit of the community, please email

Community Dinners
- by Village Keepers

The JHFS COI wants to make long-term, systemic changes to our food system, but in the meantime, people are going hungry. That’s why Tacoma Village Keepers provides hot meals, made-from-scratch, to people of any background, status, income, culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or other chosen way of being. In doing so, it strives to facilitate community building one meal at a time. To learn more or get involved, visit the Tacoma Village Keepers website.

Youth and School Connections

The JHFS COI appreciates what a powerful impact schools and educational programs can have on children and families. Therefore, we want to connect with community members involved in schools to begin building partnerships and collaborations. If you're ready to engage in planning, or have questions around food in your schools, we want to support you.

Seed To Compost
- by Tacoma Village Keepers and Hilltop Urban Gardens

Seed to Compost provides education to youth about food systems through a summer program. Participants learn about the cycle of food – from seed, to stages of growth and care, development, harvest, processing and finally, to waste/compost. Hands-on learning is emphasized and students emerge with new skills that facilitate strong connections to food and the earth.

Group of people preparing food